Dump Station

Dump station is also called Chip Dump and French Fries Station.  It is like the assistant of the fryer and is always located beside it. As the names suggest, the primary function of a dump station is for deli workers to dump their fried chips, potato shoestring or basket-weave.  

Gas Fryer (Gas Deep Fat Fryer)

Three Different Designs of Gas Fryer In a deep fryer or deep fat fryer, food is submerged in hot oil as opposed to the shallow oil used in conventional frying done in a frying pan. There are three different designs of commercial gas fryers (Gas Deep Fryer), namely the fire-tube

Electric Fryer versus Gas Fryer

Since Brandon manufactures both types of fryers, it is worthwhile to draw on our experiences to make comparisons A majority of fryers we sell in China are electric fryers while the opposite is true when we export.  We sell more gas fryers to overseas customers.  This phenomenon can be attributed

Electric Fryer (Deep Fat Fryer)

Brandon has been making Commercial Electric Fryer (Deep Fat Fryer) since the year of 2000.  As a fryer manufacturer, we would like to sum up our experience for the benefit of the trade of restaurant and hospitality.  Today, I will focus on upright (free standing) electric fryer first. Recovery Time

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