Electric Fryer versus Gas Fryer

Since Brandon manufactures both types of fryers, it is worthwhile to draw on our experiences to make comparisons

A majority of fryers we sell in China are electric fryers while the opposite is true when we export.  We sell more gas fryers to overseas customers.  This phenomenon can be attributed to the market we are serving in China, namely the fast food restaurant.  But why is electric fryer so important in a fast food restaurant?

Electric Fryer with computer control

Thermal Efficiency:

Electric fryer has a higher thermal efficiency than gas fryer. Generally speaking, an electric fryer can easily achieve 85% of thermal efficiency whereas gas fryer can make 50%.

Fire Safety Rule

The malls where most fast food restaurants are located need to observe a strict safety code when it comes to gas cooking equipment.  A separate brick wall partition (firewall) must be provided to store the gas cylinders.

Ease of Maintenance

In some developing countries, LP gas of high purity is not easily available. Every now and then carbon particles are seen to accumulate on the burners of gas fryers.

The accumulation not only reduces the performance of the combustion, but there is a safety concern too. As such, technician needs to be called in regularly to clean the burners. By contrast, electric fryer has no such problem.

Under what Circumstances is Gas Fryer a more suitable choice?

Gas Fryer

Gas fryer is still the preferable choice in the western world; it is partly because the market size of fast food segment is small compared with that of traditional restaurants.  Besides, the cost of electric energy is not cheap compared with that of gas, which contributes to the popularity of gas fryer.  In the western world, gas impurities are not as common as in China so maintenance issues common in gas fryers sold in China are not as common as in the western world.  Lastly, one single factor is the most decisive – availability and stability of electric power supply.  In the third world countries, restaurants face a difficult situation of insufficient power and frequent power outage.  How can restauranteurs serve food if the electric fryers cannot work due to power shortage?  An efficient electric deep fat fryer draws on three phase power from 14 kW to 18 kW, which is not commonly available in small towns of the developing countries

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In our next article, we are going to write about the differences in the designs of various gas fryers so that you will find the one that meet your requirement. Stay Tuned!