Gas Fryer (Gas Deep Fat Fryer)

Three Different Designs of Gas Fryer

In a deep fryer or deep fat fryer, food is submerged in hot oil as opposed to the shallow oil used in conventional frying done in a frying pan. There are three different designs of commercial gas fryers (Gas Deep Fryer), namely the fire-tube type, the ceramic target type and the pot type.

Thermal Efficiency of Pot Type Gas Fryer

The pot type is merely a pot with a burner underneath which has, among the three, the lowest thermal efficiency. It is highly unlikely that it passes the 50% thermal efficiency threshold of EN203 (clause 6.10 Rational use of energy).

In a pot type gas fryer, it is difficult to position the burner relative to the vat. Burners being too far from the vat lead to more heat dissipating to the surrounding; burners too close to the vat may cause impinging, that is when the flame is touching the pot’s bottom. Impinging causes incomplete combustion which leads to a high proportion of carbon monoxide in the flue.As a result, such fryer is generally not powerful enough or it runs the risk of incomplete combustion. It is not designed for export and has a limited market in China only.

Let’s compare the fire tube fryer and the ceramic target type, both boast of a larger area of heat transfer on the vat.

Design of Fire Tube Gas Fryer

The fire tube gas fryer makes use of 3 to 4 fire burner tubes across the vat serving as the heat exchanger. Flames from the burners charge into the fire tube which serves as the heat exchanger. The surface area of the fire tubes is thus larger than that of the pot type, resulting in a substantial increase in thermal efficiency.

Gas fryer – Fire Tube Heat Exchanger

However, the speed of the flame is too fast to allow heat to be transferred via the fire tubes to the oil medium. To slow down the flame movement, baffles are usually installed inside the firetube. Bear in mind that the baffles must be resistant to the very high heat from the flames as well as the corrosion from the flue. With the presence of these baffles, the travelling speed of flame is slowed down, resulting in higher thermal efficiency.

The targets are injectors located close to the frypot’s curved surface on two sides.  The area for heat exchange is thus increased, boosting the gas fryer performance in terms of thermal efficiency.  Frypots of target type fryers are generally easier to manufacture, though the location of targets must be very accurate.

Gas Fryer

Computer Control Panel on Gas Fryer

While there are not many models available in the market offering computer control panel for the gas fryer, Brandon is one of the few factories offering this option.

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