Your choice of strong reputation

Brandon has been approved by some international food outlets such as KFC. Our company is already a renowned name in China’s commercial food equipment market. Our products are well-known for meeting robust, tough handling during application. 

We are familiar with the relevant western standards in gas/electrical food equipment, such as CSA1.8a, EN203, EN484, EN498, Australian Gas (AGA 4563), electrical (EN60335, AS/NZS3000), RoHS, NSF etc. 

One of the reasons why our customers entrust us with the internal design of the products is because Brandon make equipment is always CE compliant, and during product testing, we can undertake all the coordination work with the certified body without any hassles to our customer.


Quantity is nothing without quality

Quality has a special meaning to Brandon's customers. In every activity we undertake, it is our first priority. We have been always learning from previous mistakes and work to improve our performance and will continue to improve our quality control system by establishing measurable objectives. The emphasis on quality extends from the smallest details to the issues of greatest importance, from office to the the production block.

This is something Brandon will never compromise. Our products are designed with safety in mind; at production they are checked 100% for safety including gas leakage test, dielectric test for electrical equipment. 

To ensure consistent quality during mass production, Brandon has different check points to check on parts’ quality.

Manufacturing system

Our state-of-the art and cost efficient manufacturing system means that we always increase our competitiveness for our customers. That is how our logo tagline goes, "Brandon - boosting your competitiveness". Our manufacturing system is one of the few in China that employ ERP for systematic material and BOM control. Our system is also annually audited by BV (Bureau Veritas) , IMQ from Italy, TUV Rheinland.

Brandon’s technical capability

Our engineers are all experts in their own field, including sheet metal construction, electronic & electrical circuitry, gas safety, 3-D sheet metal design software.

Strong team

Brandon takes pride in our highly competent and very reliable Export Department Team who are all well-versed in English communication.


Brandon make gas and electrical equipment have obtained approvals from :

  • CE (Europe)
  • NF (France)
  • GS (Germany)
  • QS (China)
  • AGA (Australia)
  • ETL (North America)

Our quality system has been audited by :

  • BV (France)
  • IMQ (Italy)
  • DBI (Denmark)
  • Intertek and ETL (U.K.)
  • TUV Rheinland (Germany)
  • General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection & Quarantine (China)