Comparison of fryers of early and latest version

Brandon has over the years developed different versions of computer control fryers.   As we add more features to the new version, the earlier version has not been discontinued as their no-frills design is still welcomed by many fast food restaurants with a concern on budget.   Price aside, let’s

What exactly does an “OPP plancha” mean?

Since the year of 2005, Brandon has been supplying loads of plancha to France. Up until 2018, we are supplying about 20,000 units of plancha per year to France alone. Among the many different models and specifications, the biggest volume is always the OPP plancha.  This term is widely used

Spare parts are essential

Brandon’s commercial cooking equipment are designed to be long-lasting, on condition that the equipment is well serviced and maintained.  However, it is quite common that food equipment is not correctly used according to its intended design, and even worse, there are times they are abused in kitchen.  Though most of

How vacuum is the vacuum marinator?

When we turn on the vacuum pump of the marinator, it starts to suck air out of the barrel and after a certain time the pressure stabilizes.  “Has it reached vacuum?” ask my customers.   No, it has not. Commercial marinator does not have to reach vacuum to marinate effectively.

Dump Station

Dump station is also called Chip Dump and French Fries Station.  It is like the assistant of the fryer and is always located beside it. As the names suggest, the primary function of a dump station is for deli workers to dump their fried chips, potato shoestring or basket-weave.  

Why Marinating is so important

Marinator, or tumbler, is basically a rotating barrel. Meat and marinade are well mixed during rotation and it speeds up the marinating process. Before we talk about the machine, let’s touch briefly on marination and the science behind it. Marination is a process which enhances the flavor or gives a