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Brandon’s Remarkable Contribution to SIAL Interfood Indonesia 2023

From November 8th to 11th, 2023, the Ji Expo in Jakarta, Indonesia, became a melting pot of culinary expertise and innovation during the SIAL Interfood Indonesia 2023. As a leading event in the food and beverage sector, this exhibition showcased a diverse range of products and technologies.

Brandon’s Role in “La Cuisine by SIAL”

In a significant display of support, Brandon played a pivotal role in the esteemed “La Cuisine by SIAL competition.” We provided twenty units of our four-burner stove range with oven, a testament to our commitment to the culinary arts and industry professionals.

Throughout the event, we captured numerous photos showcasing our stoves in action, used by professionals under the pressures of competition. These images, a testament to our products’ reliability and efficiency, will be featured in this blog post.

The Culinary Battlefront

The competition was a grand spectacle, featuring over a thousand chefs from diverse culinary backgrounds. Spanning four days, it hosted a series of contests focusing on various cuisine subcategories, from fish main dishes to Japanese Ramen and Indonesian Nasi Goreng.

Each round, changing every one to two hours, presented a new challenge, and through it all, Brandon’s gas four-burner stove range stood as a reliable partner to these culinary artists.

Our stoves, positioned alongside Hoshizaki coolers, formed an essential duo in the heat of competition. This synergy highlighted the importance of reliable, high-quality kitchen equipment in creating exceptional culinary experiences.

The Grand Dinner: A Celebration of Success

Post-competition, a grand dinner brought together chefs, judges, and representatives from Brandon, Hoshizaki, and the event’s hosts. This gathering was not just a celebration of culinary skill but also an acknowledgment of the crucial role played by supporting partners like Brandon.

Our CEO, Brian Chan, graced the dinner, engaging with the chefs who used our equipment. The positive feedback and genuine appreciation for our gas stoves were a source of immense pride and motivation. Witnessing firsthand the joy and satisfaction our products brought to these culinary enthusiasts was a uniquely gratifying experience for Brian and the entire Brandon team.

Brandon: More Than Just Equipment

The SIAL Interfood Indonesia 2023 was not just an exhibition for us but a reaffirmation of Brandon’s vision and commitment to the culinary world. Seeing our products become an integral part of creating diverse and exquisite cuisines was a profound moment for us all.

We at Brandon are thrilled to have contributed to this prestigious event and look forward to continuing our journey in supporting culinary professionals worldwide.

Stay tuned to our blog for more updates and stories from the world of Brandon’s kitchen innovations!

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