Screening machine

Screening machine

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Features of the powder screening machine:
① Automatic powder wrapping, improving powder wrapping efficiency, saving money, effort, and time.
② Compact appearance, easy to move, easy to operate, fast screening, and durable quality.
③ Reasonable and scientific design, safe, efficient, and reliable.
④ The powder wrapping bowl has a large capacity, high screening efficiency, thickened support legs, thickened boards, and allows for free disassembly.
⑤ Stable and reliable, not easy to shake, consumes less, and is easy to clean.
⑥ Authentic guarantee, direct sales from the manufacturer, no price difference from intermediaries.
⑧ High precision fine powder screening, low noise, and high efficiency.
⑨ Quickly remove foreign particles and clumps.
⑩ The stainless steel body is corrosion-resistant, with good sealing performance and minimal dust leakage. It has a large processing capacity and a wide range of applications.

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