Powder wrapping table


Features of the powder wrapping table
① Removable design.
② Healthy material, thickened stainless steel.
③ Easy to clean.
④ The capacity of the powder wrapping bowl is large, improving the efficiency of powder wrapping.
⑤ Triangle stable design, not easy to shake.
⑥ Authentic guarantee, manufacturer direct sales. There is no middleman price difference.
⑦ Fully functional, all accessories can be purchased at once.
⑧ The round bowl is raised and deepened, making it less prone to water leakage.
⑨ The bottom shelf design allows for easy load-bearing, increased storage space, and better stability.
⑩ Stainless steel legs, adjustable to adapt to the height difference of the ground, not easily shaken, providing a better powder wrapping experience.

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