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Stainless Steel Kitchen Fabrication

People ask me, “Why would Brandon, an equipment manufacturer, would like to venture into kitchen fabrication?”

Traditionally, stainless steel is an area that food equipment manufacturer finds it least desirable to enter.  Since it requires less design capability and thus has less added value, the requirement of custom made and speedy response goes against the workflow of most equipment manufacturing, who rely on careful computer simulation on construction.  The mindset of engineers is not about taking care of many simple design changes, but focusing on one or two design improvement or innovation in a prolonged period of time.

Most fabrication workshops rely on skilled labor to meet the above requirement.  However, when one relies too heavily on skilled labor, you give up some control of workshop in terms of quality and scheduling.  When orders flush in, the job shop cannot easily increase manpower and the only option is to subcontract.  That affects quality.  When skilled labor takes leave during the peak season, there is very little fabricator can do to meet delivery lead time.

The way BRANDON enters this area is a whole lot different.  Most important of all, Brandon relies on state-of-the-art machinery, including:

  • Laser Cutting (3 units)
  • Turret punch (1 unit)
  • Press brake (5 units)
  • Robotic bending
  • Salvagnini P2 Lean Bending center
  • Robotic Laser Welding
  • Robotic GMAW

That way, we take the skill out of the labour, so quality and production capacity is no longer an issue up until the machine is fully loaded.

Brandon has undertaken many projects of fabrication, among which the most recent one is Holiday Inn Xining, a 5 star hotel.

Customers are welcome to order from our comprehensive list of standardized stainless fabrication items.  When we say “standard”, we mean that the necessary document such as BOM and drawings are already available.

Kitchen fabrication

We do, however, understand that custom made kitchen fabrication (or bespoken) is inevitable due to site layout or a requirement of style matching with other equipment.  We boast of our very speedy response in terms of quotation and production lead time.  It would be even better if you already have your own drawing or sketch.  Please feel free to write to us at about your need.

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