Computer Control Fryer

Comparison of fryers of early and latest version

Brandon has over the years developed different versions of computer control fryers.   As we add more features to the new version, the earlier version has not been discontinued as their no-frills design is still welcomed by many fast food restaurants with a concern on budget.  

Price aside, let’s take a look at the differences in their features:

 Conventional designLater designs
CollectionsFRYHFRYS / FRYA
Dimension for one full tank (mm)400 x 800;
840 working height
400 x 800;
880 working height
Power (kW)1815
Vat volume (liter)28-3218 (Low Oil Volume)
Stainless steel GradeGalvanized steel for back and lateral;  Vat is of 201.Vat is of 304; others are of 201.
Cold ZoneYesDepending on collection
Heating elementConventional tubular profileRibbon type: lower thermal density and sustain higher power; easier to clean
Heating element (spring up for easy cleaning)YesYes
Number of programming channel1240
Cooking Menu Text InputYes
Setting of date and timeYes
Automelt cycle for solid shortening (oil)YesYes
Shake basket reminder buzzer (for French Fries)YesYes
Different programming temperature settingYes
Load compensationYes
Temperature accuracy (deg C)+/-2+/-1
Cook Remain (Filter Reminder)99
AIF (Rush hour filter reminder bypass)Yes
Vat Deep Clean ModeYes
REC (automatic daily check on oil heat up speed)Yes
Quality timeYes
Drain valve safety latchYesYes
Heating auto-cutout during filterYes
Hi Limit (Hi Temperature Cutout)YesYes
Hi Limit TestYes
Special heater bracketYes (oil droplets and fumes will not ingress into electric wiring so reduce risk of fire)
Optional auto basket lift-upYes
Optional built-in filtering systemYesYes