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What exactly does an “OPP plancha” mean?

Since the year of 2005, Brandon has been supplying loads of plancha to France. Up until 2018, we are supplying about 20,000 units of plancha per year to France alone. Among the many different models and specifications, the biggest volume is always the OPP plancha.  This term is widely used in the trade though some customers do not thoroughly understand what it means.

Ordinary Price Production

OPP is an abbreviation for “Ordinary Price Production” or “Open Price Production”. Though it says “ordinary”, customers are actually asking for items of very low cost, which are to be sold either as a gift or a promotional item.


When there is “ordinary price production”, it is reasonable to expect that there are MPP and HPP, which respectively mean Middle Price Production and High Price Production.

Specification and Feature of OPP Plancha

The terms do not only refer to a price point, they also connote the specification and feature that go along with the price position. When importers ask for an OPP plancha, they would take it for granted that the stainless steel will not be 304, that the gauge will be generally thinner, and that the heat input will be lower.