Spare parts

Spare parts are essential

Brandon’s commercial cooking equipment are designed to be long-lasting, on condition that the equipment is well serviced and maintained.  However, it is quite common that food equipment is not correctly used according to its intended design, and even worse, there are times they are abused in kitchen.  Though most of our customers are following guidelnes of regular cleaning and maintenance procedures, there are bound to some exceptions.  Any of the above may lead to an eventual equipment breakdown.  Once the equipment shows the initial signs of malfunctioning, the defective part need to be replaced as soon as possible to reduce downtime.  That said, it is of paramount importance that dealers or users should have the parts in stock.

Spare parts of western equipment are generally expensive.  Perhaps this is why parts are not stocked.  Though we cannot speak on behalf of the whole industry, Brandon does not rely on the profits of parts to sustain our business.  Our goal is to ensure that our equipments are performing to help our customers, so rest assured that our parts are reasonably priced.  Take the control board of computer control fryer as an example. We design and make our own control board whereas most other food equipment manufacturers outsource this critical component, which make it impossible for them to control the quality and the cost.  The cost of Brandon’s control board of the computer control fryer is only a fraction of that of our competitors’.

To all customers and long-term overseas partners, please feel free to request for the price of spare parts for the items that you plan to purchase from us.