Holding Cabinet and Heated Display Cabinet

Storing Temperature of the Holding Cabinet

Depending on which industry you are in, holding cabinet may be called food warmer, banquet cart, banquet cabinet or heated cabinet. However, the name aside, the function is the same. Its job is to keep food hot for preservation.

The guideline from FDA says food must be kept at a temperature over 63 deg C. The rule of thumb is to keep your food out of the danger zone, in which case germs and bacteria quickly reproduce. Depending on the thermal balance of your holding cabinet or heated display cabinet, there may be areas that reach the desirable food holding temperature, whereas other spots do not. To play safe, we always advise our customers to keep your food at 63 deg C or above

Some holding cabinets add moisture to the cabinet so that the humidity within food does not get dissipated too fast, thus maintaining its freshness

Heated Display Cabinet – HC15KD

Holding cabinets are widely used in hotels and restaurants

In fast food restaurants, food is cooked ahead of rush hour and held in the holding cabinets. When food runs out in the heated display cabinet, operators take food from the holding cabinet and replenish the heated display cabinet.

In hotels, holding cabinets are called banquet carts (banquet cabinet). In a banquet where there are many tables of guests, the same dish is served to different tables at more or less the same time.

That poses a challenge to the kitchen because cooking capacity is a limited resource. It does not make economic sense to invest in cooking equipment just for the banquet once in a while. That said, instead of increasing the cooking capacity of the kitchen equipment, hotels buy more banquet carts to hold food cooked in advance.

Upright Holding Cabinet: Model UHC-9

Comparison Between two Food Warmer

Compared with a holding cabinet, the heated display cabinet has more challenges. One of its essential functions is to display food to trigger the buying impulse of consumers, and at the same time fulfills its temperature holding requirement. There is a trade-off.

The display cabinet is designed to allow for easy food loading and retrieval, so door locks are generally absent. The door is generally made of glass or transparent plastic so that customers can see the food. All these contribute to the additional heat loss, so a heated display cabinet has a higher power consumption than a holding cabinet with steel doors. To compensate for such heat dissipation, heated display cabinet has a larger electrical power than holding cabinet.

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There are two different versions of holding cabinets that Brandon manufacturers, one is Upright Holding Cabinet (Free Standing) and the other one is Heated Display Cabinet. Feel free to check out the full product by clicking the links.

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