Electric Breading Table

Electric Breading Table helps you save more

Introduction to Breading Table

Electric breading table is also called batter table or automatic sifter.  It helps you recycle good seasoned breading and reduce operating cost.  The improved food quality keeps your customers coming back again.

The problem with manual breading is that breading powder is never reused or cannot be effectively recycled.  Manually sifting powder and separating fine breading from wet dough balls is a time consuming and inefficient chore.  No wonder it is often a job that is frowned upon.

Brandon Electric Breading Table

Three steps in the breading process:

Step 1

Put your food products into the breading pan with seasoned breading

Roll your food products so that they are coated with breading. Put your breaded food into the round basket (soak basket).

Step 2:  

Transfer your food products with the soak basket into the pan with wet batter mix

Breading coating seldom attaches securely onto the food in the first step so the amount of breading on the food is insufficient. The cold wet batter mix helps the second coat stick better onto your food products. Some users have their own proportion between breading powder and water; others simply use cold distilled water with ice.

Lift up the basket and let it drain for 3 to 5 seconds. You do not want too much water on the food in the next step lest that your fine breading is ruined

Step 3:

Transfer your food products into the breading pan for a second coat

Some individual food items may have bread coat too thick. Use the shallow wired rectangular basket (the shake basket) to shake off any excessive breading. If the shake basket is not included in your model, use fingers to rub off the thick ones.

Do not hasten to transfer your breaded products into the fryer yet. Put the breaded pieces in the shake basket until the whole batch of food products is breaded. Then load the pieces one by one into the fryer so that every one of them will have similar frying time.

This process is the most important because it is the second coat that gives a homestyle look and a crispy texture after frying.

After you have done a few rounds of breading, some of the breading becomes dough balls and have to be separated, otherwise your fried food will be dark, hard and crunchy. To separate the dough clumps, we will use the sifting function of the electric breading table

Electric Breading Table: SPR1-122-ZG

Sifting Function of Electric Breading Table

  • Pull the plug out and feed any used breading into the chute
  • Turn on the sifting process.
    Depending on the type of your breading table, sifting is done by rotational brushing or vibration. Brandon manufactures both types of breading tables and is supplying the vibration type to McDonald’s China. The motorized sifter separates the clumps from the good breading.
  • Discard the dough clumps
    The fine dry breading sifted out is normally stored into a pan (or container) beneath the sifting chamber. The pan is of the same size and spec with the breading pan. You can reuse this sifted breading and mixes it with new.

Value of the Electric Breading Table

  • It pays for itself by reducing breading usage. Compared with manual sifting, an electric breading table can save from 25 to 50% of your breading usage.
  • The sifter helps reduce labor cost and improve deli worker morale. It makes the breading process much easier for them.
  • It improves your food product quality in terms of taste and appearance, and you will find your customers keep coming back.

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Brandon Electric Breading Table Model

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