Company History

Company History

Set up in the year of 2000, Guangzhou Brandon Equipment Manufacturing Company Ltd. is a foreign direct investment from Hong Kong. Our company specializes in manufacturing stainless steel food service equipments, serving both the commercial and household market. Our company’s strength includes gas, electrical, electronic and sheet metal manufacture. As far as R&D is concerned, our engineers are well-versed in design software, such as SolidWork, Autocad.


Quantity is nothing without quality

Quality has a special meaning to Brandon's customers. In every activity we undertake, it is our first priority. We have been always learning from previous mistakes and work to improve our performance and will continue to improve our quality control system by establishing measurable objectives. The emphasis on quality extends from the smallest details to the issues of greatest importance, from office to the the production block. 

This is something Brandon will never compromise. Our products are designed with safety in mind; at production they are checked 100% for safety including gas leakage test, dielectric test for electrical equipment. 

To ensure consistent quality during mass production, Brandon has different check points to check on parts’ quality.